March 19, 2024

Elemental Spirits

 ELEMENTAL SPIRITS (folklore & myths)

The four elements of this world are; Earth, Fire, Water and Air. According
to myth and legend these each have their own particular kind of spirits.
They are called Elementals or Nature Spirits. There are many names given to
these beings such as; Fairies, Goblins, Pixies, Leprechauns, The Little
People etc. These elemental spirits have never been physically alive, as we
human beings are alive. They live in another dimension that we may sometimes
see. Many believe they exist within their elements, as we exist on this
planet that we call The World, or Earth. We will now look at some of the
spirits that may live within the four elements.

Water Spirits

SIRENS: Also called Mermaids, these are exceptionally beautiful female
spirits. They look lovely and sing so softly and sweetly that men,
especially sailors, fall under their spell. They are however, very dangerous
to know. Usually four to five feet in height they often have a tail like a
fish. Living beneath the sea, but close to shore, they use their fabulous
looks and seductive songs to lure sailors onto the rocks where their ships
are wrecked. Watch out for Sirens on soft summer moonlit nights, when the
silver sea seems still and welcoming. Then they are seeking young men to
drag down to their wonderful palaces beneath the waves. The Sirens have a
Queen called Lamia, but she won't spare you. In fact if you hear their sweet
songs as you sail the seas, close your ears.

VODYANY: Quite the ugliest of elementals this fantastic creature resembles a
naked, fat, humanoid pig. He is about three foot in height with a huge
wobbly belly, bright red snout and is always dripping wet. This water spirit
can sometimes be seen sitting at the side of rivers or ponds waiting for
children, his favorite victims. He holds a thick club with many colored
ribbons on and uses this to batter them to death. Some believe the Vodyany
takes the souls of drowned people and keeps them in glass jars. Not on many
people's party lists.

KELPIES: Also known as Mer-Men. These are the male equivalent of Mermaids.
Young and usually very handsome, they play the harp and enchant the ladies
with their music. Some say Kelpies are shape-shifters and describe them in
various forms, such as half man half fish. Or as having long beards,
yellowish teeth and red caps on their heads. In some countries the Kelpies
are thought to ride dolphins and carry three pronged forks, like Neptune.
Kelpies are said to be soul stealers that take drowned humans to their
underwater homes. If you hear the gentle tones of a harp as you walk beside
some lake, river or pond beware. The Kelpie is a greedy spirit and will
snatch you down into the watery depths if it gets a chance.

Air Spirits

FAIRIES: This is the widest term used to describe all sorts of air
elementals. These beings are thought to live between this world and heaven.
Their wonderful palaces stand high in the air and are invisible to the human
eye. Some are said to live inside old twisted trees, usually ancient oaks or
hawthorns. They have many different names and are all capable of changing
their shape. The English Fairy is often pictured as a small but very
beautiful female, with gossamer wings. 'Tinkerbell' in the Disney film of
Peter Pan is the image that many have of fairies. However they can change
into birds, frogs, and butterflies. So never be cruel to these wild
creatures, you might just hurt a fairy. Some are thought to appear as
wrinkled old men with ugly fat warts on their long twisted noses. All
fairies hate misers. They love dancing in the moonlight, especially on
Midsummer night. Fairies will help those who are good and kind. But watch
out if you are a mean type of person, the fairies will trip you up and play
jokes on you.

BANSHEE: Also known as the Ban-Sith. This is the fairy of death. They are
never seen, but the terrible sounds they make strike terror into the hearts
of all who hear them. They can be heard wailing and screaming round the
houses of families where someone is about to die. It is believed the Banshee
is calling to the spirit of the dying body and will lead it into the wonders
of the world beyond. In Ireland and in Scotland the cry of the Banshee is
feared, for it means a family member will die. These spirit beings attach
themselves to certain families and their offspring. So anyone who has Irish
or Scottish ancestry could have a Banshee spirit. However, the Banshee is
not an evil elemental, it is a protective spirit. The Banshee cares for the
family it lives with, in this world and the next. You will never see a
Banshee, but take care if you hear one.

SIDHE: These are the true aristocrats of the fairy kingdom. They are usually
invisible and live in fabulous castles that float in the air. The Sidhe do
sometimes appear to human beings and they are incredibly beautiful. Their
Queen is called Maeve and she is so stunningly attractive that it is
dangerous for human beings to look upon her. In height The Sidhe can be up
to six foot, their hair is long, wavy and often blonde. Their clothes are
brilliant white and always sparkling clean. However, despite their great
beauty, the Sidhe are not always kind. They dislike dirty people who don't
wash. And anyone who is unlucky enough to meet one on the 1st of May or
Halloween; the 31st October, should run. These are the days when The Sidhe
move house. Any Sidhe ill met by moonlight on the night of Halloween may
dance you away into fairyland. Those who visit the land of the fairies are
forever changed by the incredible experience.

Fire Spirits

SALAMANDERS: These creatures are said to live in fire and flames. They look
very much like a lizard with pointed claws and eyes like red hot coals.
Sometimes they can be seen curled in the smouldering cinders of a household
fire. They are said to protect the home they live in and should not be
killed. The ancient Greeks believed ill luck came if they were mistreated.
According to mythology they are born from the egg of a magical rooster and
these take seven years to hatch.

BASILISK: Also called a Cockatrice, this fabulous serpent like creature has
a mitre shaped crest upon its head. Born from the egg of a cock hatched by a
snake these fiery spirits are very wicked and evil. According to legend the
Basilisk can kill with a terrible look. Should you see one dancing in the
burning embers of some fire, run. If you can't escape then call out its name
loudly. These nasty fire spirits hate people knowing their name. Another
form of protection is to hold a mirror in front of the beast, their own
hurtful glare is then turned back upon themselves.

HOBGOBLIN: These are now very rarely seen. In height they are under two foot
and they wear no clothes. Their faces are often extremely ugly and they seem
to enjoy pulling them into funny shapes to scare human beings. Some believe
that Hobgoblins can be seen dancing in the flames of domestic fires. They
make their homes in the very warmest parts of houses, usually next to an
open fire. Some have very special names, such as; Hob-Gob or Tom-Tit, if you
chance to see one try using these. However expect no favours from your
average Hobgoblin, they are selfish creatures whose main concern is keeping

Earth Spirits

SPIRITS GNOMES, sometimes called Knockers, are the chief elemental spirits
of the earth. Gnomes are thought to be wise spirits. However they are also
believed to be very naughty and there are many reports of their bad
behaviour. Some are said to have wicked tempers and they hate whistling.
Never whistle in a cave or a mine, otherwise you could meet an angry Gnome.
Some Gnomes are thought to be quite bashful and do not like being looked at
by humans. This may explain why you have never seen one. In height they can
be between 12 inches and three foot. Their physical features quite closely
resemble those of human beings. Some have pointy ears and bushy beards. They
are often pictured wearing pointed caps, loose jackets over tight trousers
with a thick belt. Mines, caves and rocky regions are where these creatures
usually live and work. It is from their constant chipping at the rocks that
they get the name Knockers.

THE QUIET FOLK; these are small human like figures with magical powers. They
often wear floppy hats and carry knobbly walking sticks. Usually they live
near old forests within ancient mounds or hillocks. They are thought to be
able to bring both good and bad luck. If you meet one of The Quiet Folk
always be polite, say please and thank you and offer them your best wishes.
On no account must you be rude to them or they will play tricks on you and
your family. These are very gentle spirits if you treat them well. But never
not ever, tell them a lie, they just hate liars.

BOGGART; these beings are about 3 foot in height, rather plumpish with
angry eyes and big grabby hands. They are scruffy looking creatures, very
dangerous and should be avoided. If you go too close to a Boggart they
will snatch you and drag you into the smelly hole that is their home. They
usually live under bridges over streams, or where there is swampy land. It
is from the name Boggart that we get the scary 'Bogy Man' that parents
frighten children with. If you meet one always run home as fast as you
can. Never talk to a Boggart, they make no sense anyway. And do not go
within grabbing distance.

by Jari Mikola

Thank you for it all my friend.